Copyright © Jake Lloyd


(OVERTURE/A REAL SWELL TIME) Set in 1929, Jack - who lives with at home with his father, mother and brother working the family business - dreams of a better life for himself (ONE DAY). Jack's father, Richard and brother, Peter don't understand the daydreams that occupy Jack when he should be working. His mother, Charlotte, understands them all to well - she once had artistic aspirations, too - but gave them up to marry and raise her family (LULLABY). After a fight with his father, Jack storms back home. He tells his mother he is leaving; Charlotte tries to reason with her son (LOVE IS A DREAM). Just before Jack leaves, Richard and Peter return home; an argument quickly ensues (FINE!) Jack's girlfriend, Sara, sings of her the contented life she is leading (PERFECTLY HAPPY). Before Jack leaves town, he stops and tells Sara that he must follow his dreams (FOLLOW YOUR HEART); Sara promises to wait for Jack.
(PERFECTLY HAPPY - REPRISE). Richard and Charlotte, devastated by Jack's leaving, reflect on the decisions they have made (SECOND GUESSING). Jack ends up in New York City and meets engaged couple Jenny and Charlie - actors; he also finds a job at a bar working for Oz - a black speakeasy owner and his sister, cabaret performer Ana (CITY OF DREAMS). Jack seems to fit in. After Ana's performance one night (RUNNING AWAY), Ana realizes she is falling for Jack - an impossible scenario given their race (A REAL SWELL TIME - REPRISE). Jack is happy with his new life (ONE DAY - REPRISE). Everyone contemplates what it is they want in life and how in a perfect world, things would be different (IN MY DREAMS).


(ENTR'ACTE/ONE FINANCIAL FLAW) The stock market crashes and the whole country is thrust into poverty. The police have put a ban on alcohol and Oz fears an attack. Back home, Peter's jealously thinks of Jack and wonders how he got stuck living a life he hates (INTERRUPTED DREAMS). Charlotte, who has been sick for some time now, contemplates the choices she made, wonders why her husband is so distant from her in her time of need, and wonders if she'll see her son before she dies. Sara and Charlotte find comfort together (WHY DO I LOVE HIM?/LULLABY - REPRISE). Jenny and Charlie decide it's time to marry and move out of the city: someplace west where they can raise their family (THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL). The little city family is breaking up (I GUESS THIS IS GOODBYE). Ana still has feelings for Jack, but knows, now more than ever, would be a terrible time to make her feelings known (WISHING I COULD LOVE YOU). Ana performs (THE END/THE ATTACK). At the end of Ana's performance, the bar is raided. Back home, Richard and Charlotte reconcile their marriage (WITHOUT YOU). Oz and Ana are beaten, Oz immediately dies. Jack returns to find the carnage (NO SECRET WHAT HAPPENED). Before Anna dies, she confesses her love to Jack; Charlotte says a final goodbye to Richard (I GUESS THIS IS GOODBYE - REPRISE). Jack realizes that while his dreams are worth pursuing, he must make things right with his family (BACK HOME). He returns. Sara wonders if she can continue waiting (IN MY DREAMS - REPRISE). Richard brings news to Sara that Jack is coming home (THE NEWS). Peter, jealous that Jack can forgiven and welcome back so easily decides it's time for him to leave and pursue his own dreams (MY LAST GOODBYE). Jack comes home an is reunited with Sara and his father (LULLABY - REPRISE).




  A Real Swell Time

  One Day


  Love is a Dream


  Perfectly Happy

  Follow Your Heart

  Perfectly Happy (reprise)

  Second Guessing

  City of Dreams

  Running Away

  A Real Swell Time (reprise)

  In My Dreams 



  One Financial Flaw 

  Interrupted Dreams

  Why Do I Love Him?/Lullaby (reprise)

  The Greatest Gift of All

  I Guess This Is Goodbye

  Wishing I Could Love You

  The End/The Attack 

  Without You

  No Secret What Happened

  I Guess This is Goodbye Reprise

  Back Home

  In My Dreams (reprise)

  The News

  My Last Goodbye

  Lullaby (finale) 

book and lyrics by Joshua David Bishop
music by Jake Lloyd