Copyright © Jake Lloyd

Based on the myth of the moonkeepers, Once Upon the Moon is a 12-minute musical fable about the cycles of life. 

It tells the story of Boy who longs to be grown-up and connect with his Pop (DEAR MOON). One night, Boy's Grandpop comes for him; he tells him it's time to learn the family trade. Silently, Boy and Grandpop get into a rowboat. Grandpop begins to show Boy about how to navigate (WHERE THE SEA MEETS THE SKY). Out in the middle of the water, a darkened moon rises. Using rope, Pop and Grandpop lasso the moon and pull it closes. Boy immediately jumps onto it and runs off exploring (DEAR MOON - REPRISE), much to the worry of Pop. Grandpop and Pop argue over the Boy's readiness to begin his training; Grandpop insists it must be tonight. Once Grandpop and Pop climb onto the moon, they pull out jars of moonglow and explain that it is their job to sweep the glowing dust onto the surface of the moon into the proper moon shape. Pop reluctantly starts to teach Boy how (WORK UNTIL THE WORK IS DONE). During this training, Grandpop disappears; all that remains are his broom and hat. Boy is confused, but Pop seems to understand. He explains that there can only be two keepers of the moon; now that Boy is ready, it was time for Grandpop to move on. Pop places Grandpop's hat on Boy's head, and the two row for home (ONCE UPON A BLUE MOON).

  Dear Moon
  Where the Sea Meets the Sky
  Dear Moon (reprise)
  Work Until the Work is Done
  Once Upon a Blue Moon
"Once Upon a Blue Moon"
​performed by Liam Fitzpatrick 

Once Upon the Moon 

Lyrics by Janine McGuire

Music by Jake Lloyd