The Lost Boys 2010 Demo Recording

    The Lost Boys

    Book, Music and Lyrics by Jake Lloyd


    Photos from the 2010 Off-Broadway Production of "The Lost Boys


    (PROLOGUE) It is 1904, London. During a party at the Llewelyn Davies home, guest J.M. Barrie sneaks away from the party upstairs to the nursery where the Llewelyn Davies' four boys are asleep. George, the oldest awakes, followed by the three others (John, Peter and Michael) who beg "Uncle Jim" to tell them one more story. Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, the boys' mother, joins in on the fun as Jim tells the them about his meeting a faerie (HOW TO FLY). Arthur Llewelyn Davies, bursts in and tells them they are making too much noise during the party; he is upset by Barrie's friendship to the boys - who we learn - meet Barrie at the park every day to play. Several days later, Barrie bribes a guard to allow the boys and him to stay in the park after lockout time. Barrie takes the boys on an imaginary adventure to Neverland (THE ISLAND COME TRUE). ​A few months later, Arthur confronts Sylvia about a passage in book Barrie has recently published that suggests Barrie might be "too close" to the Boys. Sylvia denies it and asks Arthur about the secrets he's keeping; he says that he has been diagnosed with cancer and his time may be short. (HOW TO FLY - REPRISE). Sylvia encourages Arthur to be a less-distant father and spend time with their growing boys. Arthur takes his children to the park; he realizes his children have grown too distant (SILENT). In order to gain control of his family, Arthur decides to move the family far from London and Barrie's presence. Sylvia is devastated and wonders to Jim where they are supposed to live and what they are supposed to do. Jim says it's easy, the Lost Boys will build her a new home (A HOUSE FOR WENDY). Arthur returns with a large metallic headpiece (from the surgery on the cancer) and the boys are frightened; Jim screams, "It's that terrible Captain; he's found our hideaway!" As his own boys flee in terror, Arthur wonders if he'll have to stoop to play Jim's games in order to be a part of his boys' lives (TIME). Arthur dies soon after (TIME - REPRISE). Sylvia, pregnant with their 5th child, wonders what her boys will do without a father (SYLVIA'S LULLABY). Jim explains to Sylvia why he is able to get along with boys so well; a terrible accident from his childhood has prevented Barrie from growing up (MOTHER'S TWO BOYS). As a tribute to Arthur, Barrie writes "Peter Pan" (OPENING NIGHT/THE PERFORMANCE OF 'PETER PAN'). Sylvia has been diagnosed with cancer and dies shortly after; Barrie has complete control of the Boys now (THE NEVERLAND). 


    (ENTR'ACTE) Ten years later, Nico Llewelyn Davies - the youngest of the boys now - and Jim prepare for the 10-year anniversary of "Peter Pan" and the return of all the brothers - who have been in college (George and Michael) and the military (John and Peter) - to the Davies home which Barrie bought and took over (TEN YEARS OF PETER PAN). All of the brothers return with plans to try and move on from the stigma that "Peter Pan" has brought on their lives. George wants to know if Jim abused them when they were children; John wants Jim's blessing on his marriage to Gerrie, who John got pregnant, and then he will redeem his parent's marriage; Peter wants to know
    the true story of their family; Michael wants to attend
    art school with his "friend" Rupert and Nico, having
    been born after the adventures, just wants to fit in.
    Rupert works hard to encourage Michael to stand up to
    Jim (MICHAEL'S DISCOVERY). Peter keeps having
    nightmares where fact and fiction constantly mix 
    (PETER'S NIGHTMARE). One evening, the boys
    separately wonder if they're going to have the strength
    to get what they want and remember the night Jim 
    first formally started telling the the 'Peter Pan" stories
    (HOW DO I LOVE HIM?). The next day, John, now 
    called Jack to separate himself from the Peter Pan
    character push the boys to break free from Jim's
    control (A DAY WITHOUT UNCLE JIM). 
    "Sylvia's Lullaby" 
    Performed by Katie Siegmund


    Copyright © Jake Lloyd

    That night, a chaotic argument ensues as all the boys descend upon Jim at once. At the climax of the fight, George finally asks if Jim touched them, to which Jim yells, "NO! But I wanted to!" Michael is afraid he doesn't have the strength to leave, George decides to run away to the Army, Jack's fiance, Gerrie, miscarries their baby and they decide to break away from the family permanently (THE HOUSE THAT JIM BUILT). After another confrontation, Jim refuses to let Michael go and seeing no way out, Michael and Rupert drown themselves in a nearby pond (MICHAEL'S DISCOVERY - REPRISE). Jim speaks at Michael's funeral and Nico wonders now how he will fit in without the others. One night, Peter confesses to Nico that it was him who first introduced Barrie into their lives and gives Nico a journal and says it is the true story of the Davies brothers and that if he ever wants to find them, he just needs to read the book. With that, Peter jumps out the window. Several years later, as Nico reads Jim Peter's journal, Jim dies. Nico closes the open window and says, "You're free, boys". (THE NEVERLAND - REPRISE).